The 9 Essential Characteristics of the Soul Based Business Owner

A soul based business owner…

  1. Is SOUL-ution oriented. Soul based business owners strive to stay true to their soul when making decisions, seeking solutions, and dealing with crises. Though they aren’t always perfect at this, they do always come back to what they know is true.
  2. Allows only positive aspects to shine. Soul based business owners don’t focus on the negative aspects of what’s happening. They know that in any situation there are always positive aspects and positive possibilities. They deliberately choose to focus on the positive aspects so that they are magnified and attract even more positivity.
  3. Adores and attracts happy, inspired people. You won’t find this type of owner hanging out with a bunch of grumps. In fact, they’ll usually be a part of the most interesting people around. While they do this on purpose, it also happens naturally because they, themselves, are happy and inspired, so they can’t help but attract the same. They know that by surrounding themselves with happy, inspired people, they are creating an environment that automatically uplifts them.
  4. Promotes the light and love in others’ hearts. Soul based business owners know that light and love are the most important elements of the universe, including business. They amplify this in their own heart, but also promote it in others because they know it makes business – and the world – better for all of us.
  5. Leads from the heart. Sometimes hard to do when things get rough. But the true soul oriented owner uses the heart as their touchstone; simultaneously grounding them and helping them rise above the fray. They make choices and decisions from their hearts, knowing that that will serve them – and others – best in the long run.
  6. Asks the Universe for more. The soul based business owner is clear that they deserve everything they desire. They know what they want, they ask for more, and they vibrate in alignment with what they want. Soul based business owners know that too much of anything can be marvelous!
  7. Knows connection to the soul is the answer to all life’s questions. Hard work, struggle, and suffering are never the answer for the soul based business owner. They know that being grounded and connected to their sense of spirit will always guide them in the right direction. Even when faced with a crisis, the soul based business owner connects with their soul for guidance.
  8. Appreciates the freedom and magic of dollars. Successful soul based business owners love the energy of money. They know that money is magical, freeing, and fun! Because they know this completely, they easily attract money and opportunities that are a match for their interests and integrity.
  9. Chooses ease & happiness. While effort or struggle may be present, suffering about it is a choice. Soul based business owners notice what is happening, and then choose their response. They know that each time they choose ease and happiness, struggle is alleviated and new solutions appear quickly.