Stop Wasting Your Time – Put the Soul Back in Your Business

If I asked you why you started your biz it would probably be… You had a passion, you had the burning desire to do what you love, make a difference to the world while creating an abundant, joyful lifestyle.

But then as you get started you found so many things to think about; marketing, systems, technology, website’s and all the other things that can come with business. It’s easy to get drawn in to all these things that take us away from what we love.

Think about an activity in your business that you absolutely love, that makes your heart sing? Connect with that feeling. How does it make you feel?

Now, think about an activity that you really don’t enjoy. Let yourself feel how you feel when you are doing it. Notice the difference in the energy??

When you do what you love, you feel good, your vibration raises and you become in alignment with what you want to create, you really will see things manifest so much quicker and with much more fun.

Evaluate your biz and for everything that’s not making your heart sing… you can;

Delegate. Some things have to be done but it doesn’t mean that YOU have to do them. Ford example; It is unavoidable to have to handle your accounts at some point, but you could hire a book keeper which would keep you free to do more of what you love!

Just stop doing it all together. If you have a system or strategy in place (especially in marketing) that doesn’t fill you with joy, why you are doing it? Because you think you should, have or need to? This is not going to get you the desired results! Just stop doing it and use a different strategy that feels good and is in alignment with you. I promise this will get you quicker, more satisfying results

Change the way you look at it. Sometimes we don’t enjoy things because of a fear, doubt or a limiting belief. You may not enjoy social media because you have a fear of being judged or you may not like writing blogs because you don’t feel good enough. Work on your inner beliefs and check in to see if you really don’t enjoy something or if there is a limiting belief lurking that is getting in your way of enjoyment.

The bottom line is don’t waste your time getting caught with stuff that does not feel good. Take control of your biz, have fun and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. When you do this more clients, money and success will flow to you.