Soul Purpose MLM – What’s The Deal With The Soul Purpose Opportunity?

Soul Purpose – The Good News

Soul Purpose is a MLM company that sells beauty and wellness products through its network of independent distributors. This is a company with a difference, however, because it is specifically targeted toward giving an opportunity to African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women.

The products themselves are fairly standard in comparison to other beauty and wellness products. There are perfumes, balms, shower gels, lotions, scrubs, polishes, oils and makeup. This is a pretty normal product line, but it is the business model that makes Soul Purpose quite unique.

If Soul Purpose can corner the minorities market then the business has huge potential, but there is a lot of hard work ahead if this is ever going to become a reality.

The Bad News

Even if the company does take off and become really big, it is a sad fact that most of the people who sign up as independent business owners will not see the benefits, and will end up failing in their business. This is exactly the same story as in almost all other MLM companies.

The Downright Ugly

The problem is that distributors follow bad advice. They will only approach their friends and family, even though this business model is proven to fail time after time. Network marketing relies very heavily on adding a large number of people into your business, and no matter how popular you might be, nobody really knows enough people to be able to make serious money this way.

All the top network marketers these days have got to where they are now because they have realized this and have cast their net wider. By using the internet you can have access to hundreds, even thousands, of people every week who could benefit from using your product. If you develop the right skill-set you will be able to set yourself up online as an expert in wellness and beauty, and people will come to YOU looking for advice and help, desperate to invest in you and your products.

So the truth is that just like most MLMs, Soul Purpose could be a very lucrative opportunity, but only if you learn the art behind internet marketing.

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