Embodying the Heart and Soul of Your Business

As our world and our human consciousness evolves more and more, people are seeking ways to build soulful and heart-based businesses. Their business building steps often take them down the wrong pathway when they try to build their businesses from traditional, linear based marketing techniques–most of which are built on very different values than the values needed to build and sustain these new soul-centered businesses.

Building a soul-centered business from a traditional place is at best not using all of your resources, and arguably, not using your most powerful resources.

Today, we need new information and a new marketing plan that are congruent with our new services. We need to begin to embody our businesses in everything; branding, content, our relationship with our customers, and the way we interact with making money. To create a vibrant business out of our passions, we need to authentically ‘be’ and express that ‘being-ness’.

To embody something, for the purpose of this article, means to feel and know it with your entire body. It means using your body as a sensory device and an organ of perception that connects with your cognitive processing in a way that creates meaning-meaning that informs powerful action because it is coming from all of you; mind, heart and soul.

How do we embody the heart and soul of our business?

This is where horses can play a key role. Horses are consummate teachers of how to use our bodies as sensory devices and organs of perception. We like to say that they make conscious for us what is currently unconscious. For the most part, we have no idea what we are putting across to others, what we are blocking from our teams and ourselves, and what we are attracting and how that is impacting our lives and businesses-things that to build and sustain a vibrant business you must know!!

Horses help you learn…

– A deep and powerful sense of how brilliant you really are (and how to get out of your own way when you doubt yourself)

– Connection to your own emotional intelligence and internal guidance system to help you navigate the challenging water of entrepreneurship

– Enhanced energetic awareness and skill in communicating your authentic intentions

– Validation and clarity on the decisions you are faced with in determining the next best step on the path to the Next Highest Version of Your Business!

– Confidence in your own abilities to connect with another sentient being (be it horse or human)

– A clear understanding of boundaries in your relationships, businesses affairs and even with money!

This creates the foundation of learning in a way that takes concepts to reality to embodiment in your business and your life!

You could spend time – lots of time absorbing information via traditional tele-conferences and even attending live workshops and seminars, but as you come away inspired and knowledgeable, you will not come away embodying that new knowledge in a way that informs powerful and authentic profit-building action, in the way that horses can provide through equine assisted training.

Your new business building lessons will only ‘stick’ for you when you physically & spiritually engage yourself with your new learning in a meaningful way that validates your actual evolution in the way that horses can provide. Then the lessons become a part of the next highest version of who you really are!

Those of you who are still blind to this new evolution may read this and completely turn away. But the rest of you are beginning to vibrate with excitement, and intuitively understand that you are ready to truly embody the power of your ‘self’ with nature and share it with the world!

As children we were more open to learning with our entire being-we did not yet compartmentalize our learning opportunities. When we were kids, everything and everyday was a learning opportunity. Guess what? It still is…. and horses are wonderful and extraordinary teachers and team mates as we go about the “play” of embodying the heart and soul of our businesses!

Shelli Whitehouse and Lisa Murrell offer ongoing business building and leadership courses.

Inner Soul Experiences Just by Looking at the Sky

There are many people all over the world, that have such a busy life, that they tend not to capture some of life’s most precious things. There are not enough hours in the day for some of us to even complete what we have to do each day. In doing so, we miss out on some of the beautiful sites God has to offer us.

What I try to do each day, is to stop just for a moment, at certain times of the day, and just look up at the sky. Lets say for an example, if you are going to the beach and staying over night, make it a point to get up early and watch the sunrise. I do this and make sure my camera is in hand and ready to capture a perfect site. The sunrise is not always viewable as we all know, do to weather and clouds. This is why when there is an opportunity to capture a sunrise, you should be ready and armed with your camera to take it all in. This of course also implies to sunsets as well.

There will never be in anyone’s life time, a duplicate of a sunrise, sunset, harvest moon or a rainbow. This is why we should try to get a good look at them when we can. Also, try to get that picture too, and you can share it with everyone you know that didn’t have the opportunity that you had to see these remarkable sites. Everyone tends not to think about these things because of being so busy in their everyday routines. I have always made a point to make time for this, because it only takes a few seconds of your day to do.

I always have my cell phone with me when driving, to and from work, and have captured some of the most beautiful pictures of the sunsets when driving home. I put these pictures sometimes on my Facebook page and get so many responses, saying how beautiful they are, and wished they could have seen them in person.

Another pretty site, as we all know, is the rainbow. This is a truly beautiful site to see. After a rain storm, if I see that the sun is about to come out, I run for the camera. This is when you only have a small window of opportunity to get this shot in, because as fast as it came, it will disappear just as fast.

I have seen only two times in my life a double rainbow, now that is a site to see. I was ready with the camera and captured the site. Then, I go a have them developed and frame them for my wall. A great conversational piece when company comes over.

The last thing I must say is that not only getting the perfect picture, but to see these once in a life time sites with your own eyes brings somewhat of an inner peace to your soul, and makes you think of how beautiful life is. So, just take a moment out of your busy day and take a good look into the sky and enjoy what you see.

Purgatory: The Soul Merchandise of the Roman Catholic Church

Persecutors of the Church of Christ mostly Catholics told me that the Church of Christ is not really a religion but a group posing as a religion of Christ aiming to earn money by collecting money from its members.

However, when I joined the Church and actively participated its activities, I learned that this church (Church of Christ) is really the Church founded by Christ and is always doing its best to bring its members to the state worthy to receive the promised Salvation on the day of judgment.

And after learning the truth recorded on the Bible, I realized that the religion of most of the persecutors of the Church of Christ, that is the Roman Catholic Church, is actually the one earning money from its religious businesses which are not taught by Christ and His Apostles. One of these businesses is the “Soul Merchandise” of the Roman Catholic Church which is based on its invented doctrine of Purgatory.

We know that the doctrine of Purgatory is not a biblical dotrine as revealed by Allan Sckreck on his book, “Catholic and Christian”, p. 195:

“Scriptures and Christian tradition undoubtedly affirm that heaven and hell exist, but what about that mysterious ‘third state’ that Catholics and some other Christians call ‘Purgatory’. The term itself is not found in the Bible but the same way he said of other important Christian doctrines, such as the terms ‘Trinity’ and ‘Incarnation’.

Since it is not found in the Bible, it is not Christ nor the Apostles taught this doctrine. Then, who introduced this doctrine to the Church? According to Paul Witcomb, this doctrine was received from the early Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church:

“… The primitive Church Fathers regarded the doctrine of Purgatory as one of the basic tenets of the Christian FAith. St. Augustine, one of the greatest doctors of the Church, said the doctrine of Purgatory ‘has been received from the Fathers and it is observed by the Universal Church’. True, the word ‘Purgatory’ does not appear in the Bible …” (Catholic Church Has The Answer, pp. 32-33)

However, it was not immediately made into an official doctrine. It was first proclaimed on 1438. That was hundreds (perhaps thousand) of years after the death of the Apostles. And then after several years, it was confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church as revealed by Loraine Boettner:

“The doctrine was proclaimed an article of faith in 1438, by the Council of Florence and was later confirmed by the Council of Trent, in 1548.” (Roman Catholism, p. 229)

Learning this truth made me ask this: For what reason that the Roman Catholic Church invented the doctrine of Purgatory? Is it for the good of the souls of men or for the treasury of the Roman Catholic Church? And another author of the book answered this questions:

“Now the real reason why the Roman Catholic Church borrowed the imaginary purification system from the pagans rested entirely upon a mercenary, money-making scheme that would (and did) enrich the Church. This was one of the things that enraged Martin Luther to the point of nailing his famous ’95 Theses’ to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg.” (My Deliverance From The Heresies of Rome, By Harry Hampel, p. 83)

The very reason is money-making. The doctrine of Purgatory is just for the treasury of the Roman Catholic church.

Of course, Purgatory itself couldn’t bring money to the Church. It is done by teaming up the doctrine of Purgatory with another invented doctrine of “Indulgence”, which is defined as:

“The practice by which a person could pay money to the church or do a good deed and obtain remission of the temporal punishment due to sin. After the Protestant Reformation, cash no longer became an acceptable way to obtain an indulgence.” (religioustolerance.org)

And how does the Bible call this kind of business? Apostle John’s book of Revelation call it the “Merchandise of men’s soul”:

11 “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: 12 merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13 and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men. (Revelation 18:11-13, NKJV)

No wonder that the Roman Catholic Church do sell souls. The Bible knows this.

Soul Purpose MLM – What’s The Deal With The Soul Purpose Opportunity?

Soul Purpose – The Good News

Soul Purpose is a MLM company that sells beauty and wellness products through its network of independent distributors. This is a company with a difference, however, because it is specifically targeted toward giving an opportunity to African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women.

The products themselves are fairly standard in comparison to other beauty and wellness products. There are perfumes, balms, shower gels, lotions, scrubs, polishes, oils and makeup. This is a pretty normal product line, but it is the business model that makes Soul Purpose quite unique.

If Soul Purpose can corner the minorities market then the business has huge potential, but there is a lot of hard work ahead if this is ever going to become a reality.

The Bad News

Even if the company does take off and become really big, it is a sad fact that most of the people who sign up as independent business owners will not see the benefits, and will end up failing in their business. This is exactly the same story as in almost all other MLM companies.

The Downright Ugly

The problem is that distributors follow bad advice. They will only approach their friends and family, even though this business model is proven to fail time after time. Network marketing relies very heavily on adding a large number of people into your business, and no matter how popular you might be, nobody really knows enough people to be able to make serious money this way.

All the top network marketers these days have got to where they are now because they have realized this and have cast their net wider. By using the internet you can have access to hundreds, even thousands, of people every week who could benefit from using your product. If you develop the right skill-set you will be able to set yourself up online as an expert in wellness and beauty, and people will come to YOU looking for advice and help, desperate to invest in you and your products.

So the truth is that just like most MLMs, Soul Purpose could be a very lucrative opportunity, but only if you learn the art behind internet marketing.

To find out more about how internet marketing could explode your Soul Purpose business, see Soul Purpose Success

The Soul of Building Your Business and Your Email Marketing List

Soul and business. Business and…soul. You don’t often see these two words in the same sentence-especially over the last “make-it-until-you-drop-I don’t care who’s in my way” 60 years.

If you have “it”, you understand the concept without skipping a beat.

If you’re looking for “it”, you feel a longing with every step you take in your business-even if it’s just the unspoken tug of unknowing.

If the concept of soul and business in the same breath incites you to…uncomfortable levels…well…that’s a whole different article.

To understand the concept of the soul of business, you have to consider what soul means. The challenge? It has a different meaning for each individual. The context is flexible. It’s in the “soul” of the beholder.

This is also where the fun and the power of business is…IF you know how to tap into it.

Soul Defining

Defining the meaning of soul is like defining the concept of reality- you make it up. The real power resides in your meaning of soul, its application to your business and your unwavering command of that power.

The dictionary defines soul as:

the complex of human attributes that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, somebody’s emotional and moral nature, the deepest and truest nature of a people or a nation, what gives somebody or something a distinctive character

These definitions come close, but lack that mysterious unspoken essence of something that is far bigger. It’s that space that you fill up with…experience.

If you apply this unspoken power to business, both large and small, you will arrive at the very core of what makes a business tick-from why it was created to why it continues to exist.

Unfortunately, the problem is most small entrepreneurial business owners focus their initial business efforts “outside” of their business, on building their email marketing list, on sales, on…proof.

Then, if they are able to hold on enough to stay in the game, layer after external layer begins to form which solidify with tactical approaches to continue to market with business email lists, to sell, to prove.

Eventually, this outer layer becomes heavy and can cause a business to implode if the core of the business isn’t established and maintained. Or it could lose its way altogether if the wrong kind of funding is thrown it’s way.

Remembering the Future

Over the past eighty years the way business is done has come full circle from the days of yore when you brought your soap from the general store, which was at the front of the grocers house, through the industrial revolution of mass production and distribution, to the return of the human to human connection-through the Internet.

Unfortunately the way business has been communicated hasn’t kept up with this change.

The old industrial model of advertising, of “sell the sizzle”, or as I refer to it, “chasing the flash”, is no longer enough for people.

Consumers have the power of choice and they can feel if there’s “something” behind the flash or…not.

Brand communication, including marketing and advertising to build your email marketing list, is on the cusp to a whole new way of consumer communication-a communication that has behind it a greater reason beyond the money for product exchange. It’s communication that is fueled by the soul of a business.

The New Biz Buzz Word

If you polled a hundred people 25-55 years old about what they were missing in their lives and you were able to drill down to the core of their answer they would say, in one form or another, an authentic connection.

Even large brands, like Starbucks, Nike, and even Apple, toss around words like real and authentic.

Howard Schultz, the CEO and mastermind behind Starbucks, one of the most successful and often admired brands today, says,Our rapid growth has led to the watering down of the Starbucks experience. Our company’s soul is dripping away.”

In The New Marketing Manifesto, author John Grant notes, “Authenticity is the benchmark against which all brands are now judged.”

The dictionary defines authentic as:

genuine and original, shown to be true and trustworthy, not a copy, real

Where does this realness reside-in that mysterious space of the soul.

Your Guiding Light Through the Unknown

As a business owner you no longer have to be at the mercy of the unspoken unknown of what is at the core of your business.

Taking your business idea through a process to define that soul shines a guiding light on everything your business is to be and every step you take to make it so.

This result is a definitive and unique brand. When done right, it gives you the soul of your business. Once it’s in place, it never burns out, it might evolve with time, but it never burns out or change drastically.

For the past several years, I’ve been saying there’s a global return to the soul. It’s never been so true in business and email list marketing today.

As a small business entrepreneur you actually have the edge over big brands on the authentic playing field. You haven’t lost your business soul yet. Then again…you may have not connected to it yet.

The exciting thing is, the process to connect to the soul of your business is now at your fingertips…but first, you have to put down the tactics.

You can always pick them back up…later.:)

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