Inner Soul Experiences Just by Looking at the Sky

There are many people all over the world, that have such a busy life, that they tend not to capture some of life’s most precious things. There are not enough hours in the day for some of us to even complete what we have to do each day. In doing so, we miss out on some of the beautiful sites God has to offer us.

What I try to do each day, is to stop just for a moment, at certain times of the day, and just look up at the sky. Lets say for an example, if you are going to the beach and staying over night, make it a point to get up early and watch the sunrise. I do this and make sure my camera is in hand and ready to capture a perfect site. The sunrise is not always viewable as we all know, do to weather and clouds. This is why when there is an opportunity to capture a sunrise, you should be ready and armed with your camera to take it all in. This of course also implies to sunsets as well.

There will never be in anyone’s life time, a duplicate of a sunrise, sunset, harvest moon or a rainbow. This is why we should try to get a good look at them when we can. Also, try to get that picture too, and you can share it with everyone you know that didn’t have the opportunity that you had to see these remarkable sites. Everyone tends not to think about these things because of being so busy in their everyday routines. I have always made a point to make time for this, because it only takes a few seconds of your day to do.

I always have my cell phone with me when driving, to and from work, and have captured some of the most beautiful pictures of the sunsets when driving home. I put these pictures sometimes on my Facebook page and get so many responses, saying how beautiful they are, and wished they could have seen them in person.

Another pretty site, as we all know, is the rainbow. This is a truly beautiful site to see. After a rain storm, if I see that the sun is about to come out, I run for the camera. This is when you only have a small window of opportunity to get this shot in, because as fast as it came, it will disappear just as fast.

I have seen only two times in my life a double rainbow, now that is a site to see. I was ready with the camera and captured the site. Then, I go a have them developed and frame them for my wall. A great conversational piece when company comes over.

The last thing I must say is that not only getting the perfect picture, but to see these once in a life time sites with your own eyes brings somewhat of an inner peace to your soul, and makes you think of how beautiful life is. So, just take a moment out of your busy day and take a good look into the sky and enjoy what you see.