Have You Got Soul?

Have you ever wondered how you could differentiate your business from your competitors? Do you struggle to come up with what makes you unique? Well, so did I until a while ago! The day I finally distilled my business’s unique essence was a major turning point for me. My business finally had soul!

Now, what do I mean by a business having soul? Let me share with you a few words that mean the same thing as “soul.”

Here they are:

  • Essence = the quality or nature of something that identifies it or makes it what it is
  • Spirit = the intention behind something such as a rule or decree, rather than its literal interpretation;
  • Life force = the vital force that characterizes a human being as being alive;
  • Character = distinctive qualities; the set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody’s qualities of mind and feeling;
  • Inner self = relating to somebody’s private feelings or happening in somebody’s mind;
  • Chi = energy of life; in Chinese medicine and philosophy, the energy or life force of the universe, believed to flow round the body and to be present in all living things. The manipulation of chi is the basis of acupuncture and Chinese martial arts.

Putting all these words and meanings together, we can say that the soul of a business is:

  • The quality or nature that makes it uniquely what it is;
  • The intention behind the business rather than its immediately obvious purpose;
  • The vital force that characterizes a business and brings it alive;
  • The qualities that make a business distinctive;
  • The “mind” and “feelings” of the business;
  • The life force that flows around the business and impacts the world!


Going by my definition above, can you see what a great difference having “soul” could make to your business? Being soul-rich, you are not just another hypnotherapist, life coach or financial planner. You are not just any old web designer, physical trainer or beautician. You are a woman on a unique mission, with a unique vision, to impact the world in a unique way! Yes, there are millions of accountants and coaches and trainers. But none with the same vital life force flowing round their company, through their teams and out into the market as you. Your soul makes you UNIQUELY YOU! It attracts those who resonate with who you are. Like-souls, if you like!

The essence or soul of my business is women empowerment! My clients typically seek some BIG WHY beyond more clients, but getting more clients empowers them to achieve this. And I am happy to be the one who supports them on this quest. We use the vehicle of your business to reach your bigger picture – the power to be who you want to be and to live the life you want! In my own life I have bounced back from domestic violence and subsequent homelessness therefore my pet women empowerment issue is the fight against domestic violence to women. My business supports this cause and has adopted a related charity.

If you can find and articulate the soul of your business then you can express it in your marketing. You can weave it into your services and programs and instil it in the minds of your staff and team members. Exuding this “soul” will separate you from the many others in your field and attract those people who are kindred souls. Being soulful in your business is client-attractive! When your soul shines through, you attract not just clients, but ideal, “like-energied” ones.

Feedback: What is the “intention behind your business, other than its immediately obvious purpose?” Apart from making money, or rendering your services, how are you impacting your community through your business?