Embodying the Heart and Soul of Your Business

As our world and our human consciousness evolves more and more, people are seeking ways to build soulful and heart-based businesses. Their business building steps often take them down the wrong pathway when they try to build their businesses from traditional, linear based marketing techniques–most of which are built on very different values than the values needed to build and sustain these new soul-centered businesses.

Building a soul-centered business from a traditional place is at best not using all of your resources, and arguably, not using your most powerful resources.

Today, we need new information and a new marketing plan that are congruent with our new services. We need to begin to embody our businesses in everything; branding, content, our relationship with our customers, and the way we interact with making money. To create a vibrant business out of our passions, we need to authentically ‘be’ and express that ‘being-ness’.

To embody something, for the purpose of this article, means to feel and know it with your entire body. It means using your body as a sensory device and an organ of perception that connects with your cognitive processing in a way that creates meaning-meaning that informs powerful action because it is coming from all of you; mind, heart and soul.

How do we embody the heart and soul of our business?

This is where horses can play a key role. Horses are consummate teachers of how to use our bodies as sensory devices and organs of perception. We like to say that they make conscious for us what is currently unconscious. For the most part, we have no idea what we are putting across to others, what we are blocking from our teams and ourselves, and what we are attracting and how that is impacting our lives and businesses-things that to build and sustain a vibrant business you must know!!

Horses help you learn…

– A deep and powerful sense of how brilliant you really are (and how to get out of your own way when you doubt yourself)

– Connection to your own emotional intelligence and internal guidance system to help you navigate the challenging water of entrepreneurship

– Enhanced energetic awareness and skill in communicating your authentic intentions

– Validation and clarity on the decisions you are faced with in determining the next best step on the path to the Next Highest Version of Your Business!

– Confidence in your own abilities to connect with another sentient being (be it horse or human)

– A clear understanding of boundaries in your relationships, businesses affairs and even with money!

This creates the foundation of learning in a way that takes concepts to reality to embodiment in your business and your life!

You could spend time – lots of time absorbing information via traditional tele-conferences and even attending live workshops and seminars, but as you come away inspired and knowledgeable, you will not come away embodying that new knowledge in a way that informs powerful and authentic profit-building action, in the way that horses can provide through equine assisted training.

Your new business building lessons will only ‘stick’ for you when you physically & spiritually engage yourself with your new learning in a meaningful way that validates your actual evolution in the way that horses can provide. Then the lessons become a part of the next highest version of who you really are!

Those of you who are still blind to this new evolution may read this and completely turn away. But the rest of you are beginning to vibrate with excitement, and intuitively understand that you are ready to truly embody the power of your ‘self’ with nature and share it with the world!

As children we were more open to learning with our entire being-we did not yet compartmentalize our learning opportunities. When we were kids, everything and everyday was a learning opportunity. Guess what? It still is…. and horses are wonderful and extraordinary teachers and team mates as we go about the “play” of embodying the heart and soul of our businesses!

Shelli Whitehouse and Lisa Murrell offer ongoing business building and leadership courses.