Business Not As Usual

In a recent article by Mitch Axelrod he writes, “Millions of people who built their success on the sand of GOAL instead of the bedrock of SOUL and ROLE are now suffering. They embraced getting, going and having as the formula for success. What happens when the getting, going and having stop?”

German Billionaire commits suicide in the wake of financial disaster was the essence of a Yahoo headline just a day or two ago. Sound familiar? If you’re old enough to remember the leaping from windows during the Great Depression this is what happens when your success in business and in life are based on the teetering foundation of reaching for only financial goals at all cost.

Mitch goes on to describe how the new paradigm must be putting soul before setting goals. In my recent blog post, A New Year Family Tradition, I write about how our family sets goals and lists desires for both things we wish to let go of as well as emotional, spiritual and material things we would like to manifest, create, have or experience. What’s driving our goal setting in this family tradition is heart-based, it’s soul-based.

The same driving force must come into the business model. Both CEO and employee have the opportunity to come together to create a service, or product that is created from the bedrock foundation of soul, spirit or love, whichever concept works for you as should be happening in the home amongst family members.

I was having this discussion of bringing spirituality into business with a friend a few weeks ago. He is a small business owner and very committed to supporting his employees in their personal growth. His experience however of bringing spirit into his business was not that positive because it caused people to question their life and why they were working for him and then some of them decided to leave and work elsewhere! In essence he was saying business owners can’t afford to bring the soul energy into the office – keeping people “dumbed-down” keep them in their seats eyes focused on what you are paying them to do!

But growth is an inherent quality of being human. Within our spiritual programming is the desire to become more, achieve more, know more, love more. Business owners will always deal with turnaround and the cost of retraining. So why not create company policies and procedures that are driven by the core principals of personal advancement, integrity, growing prosperity and the like. I know that if I was looking to be an employee of a company that stood for my personal advancement in all areas of my life I would want to be a part of that company for as long as they could take me where I wanted to go!

Life is about results. Life will mirror back to us what our inner reality is based on. The large business world has been based on profit, greed, lack of integrity, corruption and now we see the results of these systems crumbling, crying out for financial aid unwilling to accept their failure and be accountable for the results they have produced.

If you are a business owner you have an opportunity, right now, to take inventory of what is the driving force behind your business. Is it profit at all cost? Are you providing a service or product that enhances the well being of both employees and customers/clients? Do you respect and promote the advancement of consciousness within your company? Are you as CEO or president/owner living an honest, honorable, soulful life with spouse and children or has your business taken you away from connecting with family from the heart.

This global business meltdown is a closing of one door so that a new one can open. Whether you are an employee or business owner you get to choose what is your driving force behind who you are being in the world and the choices you make. Is it the doing and having that drives your life or are you ready to lead, choose, communicate, hire/fire from the heart.

Now is the time to bring soul into the business world and build brick by brick a new foundation from which millions may flourish and thrive because you had the courage to live from your heart.