Stop Wasting Your Time – Put the Soul Back in Your Business

If I asked you why you started your biz it would probably be… You had a passion, you had the burning desire to do what you love, make a difference to the world while creating an abundant, joyful lifestyle.

But then as you get started you found so many things to think about; marketing, systems, technology, website’s and all the other things that can come with business. It’s easy to get drawn in to all these things that take us away from what we love.

Think about an activity in your business that you absolutely love, that makes your heart sing? Connect with that feeling. How does it make you feel?

Now, think about an activity that you really don’t enjoy. Let yourself feel how you feel when you are doing it. Notice the difference in the energy??

When you do what you love, you feel good, your vibration raises and you become in alignment with what you want to create, you really will see things manifest so much quicker and with much more fun.

Evaluate your biz and for everything that’s not making your heart sing… you can;

Delegate. Some things have to be done but it doesn’t mean that YOU have to do them. Ford example; It is unavoidable to have to handle your accounts at some point, but you could hire a book keeper which would keep you free to do more of what you love!

Just stop doing it all together. If you have a system or strategy in place (especially in marketing) that doesn’t fill you with joy, why you are doing it? Because you think you should, have or need to? This is not going to get you the desired results! Just stop doing it and use a different strategy that feels good and is in alignment with you. I promise this will get you quicker, more satisfying results

Change the way you look at it. Sometimes we don’t enjoy things because of a fear, doubt or a limiting belief. You may not enjoy social media because you have a fear of being judged or you may not like writing blogs because you don’t feel good enough. Work on your inner beliefs and check in to see if you really don’t enjoy something or if there is a limiting belief lurking that is getting in your way of enjoyment.

The bottom line is don’t waste your time getting caught with stuff that does not feel good. Take control of your biz, have fun and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. When you do this more clients, money and success will flow to you.

An Inexpensive Business Vehicle – The 2010 Kia Soul

The KIA SOUL is an inexpensive vehicle for the family or even a small business. It’s fun to drive and it is really low priced.

The Kia Soul was introduced a couple of years ago and is slowing being seen on the roadways. It certainly makes a statement with its distinctive styling. I had my first test drive of the Kia Soul when it was introduced over a year ago. It has won a lot of awards and accolades including being named as the “Best Value” by the Texas Auto Writers. It earned a “Top Safety Pick” from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and named one of the “Top Ten Back-to-School Cars” by Kelley Blue Book. And there were a lot more.

What is so distinctive about the looks? Mostly, it’s the boxy look that is not really a box. It is somewhat like the Nissan Cube and the Scion xB, but clearly makes its own mark. The side back windows and rear side windows are all wedged together to form a smooth look that sets the Soul apart. There are other exterior trim features as well, such as the large, flared headlights. Simply stated, it just looks friendly and inviting to drive.

There are a lot of standard features including a chrome-accented grille, auto-off headlights, rear wiper and washer, and variable intermittent windshield wipers. These are not so special on most vehicles today, but for a very low-priced car, these add a nice touch. In slightly upgraded trim levels, you can add keyless remote entry, fog lamps, power sunroof, rear spoiler, and more.

The interior is surprisingly roomy and open. There is a lot of cabin area for people or cargo. The center stack console in the 2009 model was not too impressive, but it has been significantly upgraded for the 2010 model, with a refined metal finish. Metal finish accents are also seen on the steering wheel, air vents, and speakers. The door armrests have added padding also, which certainly has improved the look and feel inside the Soul.

The Kia Soul drives well. Some might call it “spirited.” It is powered by a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine matched with a five speed manual transmission. A 2.0 liter four cylinder with a little more horsepower is available that can be matched with either the standard shift or a four speed automatic. I have driven both of these and while I prefer the manual shift, the automatic works really smooth as well. Many of my journalists friends refer to the driving dynamics and steering as “sporty.”

Of course, Kia has the best warranty available – ten year, hundred thousand miles on the powertrain and a five year, 60,000 mile basic warranty. Kia even provides a five year, 60,000 mile roadside assistance plan as part of the warranty coverage.

Mileage for the standard shift and 1.6 engine is rated at 26 city and 31 highway. Mileage for the more popular automatic and 2.0 liter engine is still good – 24 city and 30 highway. Pricing is surprising, beginning less than $14,000. Most sales will probably be in the $16 to $18 thousand range, however, which is still a great buy.

The Kia Soul can be called funky, boxy, cool, or however you want to say it. It is definitely a fun car to drive that offers a distinctive appearance, a lot of roomy cabin area, a terrific warranty, and a low purchase price. Check out the Soul at a Kia dealership yourself.

Conscious Business: How to Merge Your Values With Your Business

How do you justify marketing and selling with your values? Many business owners, women particularly, want to build a soulful business; one that empowers and uplifts others. We want to share our breakthroughs with our clients and make a difference in their lives in some way. We also want to weave our values and integrity into the way we do business. This means:

• Providing the value we promise
• Being honest with clients, colleagues, joint venture partners and our team, even when its difficult
• Never convincing someone to purchase something that not’s right for them
• Letting compassion and caring shine through our work
• Setting expectations and meeting them
• Being aware of our own shortcomings and working on overcoming them, especially when they affect our relationships

Where you may sometimes run into a “disconnect” is when you get down to the brass tacks of running a successful business–strategy, marketing and sales. Some people have told me they feel uncomfortable promoting themselves or asking someone to commit to buying because they feel it doesn’t align with the values above. Perhaps you’re carrying an old belief that marketing, sales and money are evil necessities, or at the very least uncomfortable realities. It’s time to break that belief.

Just as you try to bring consciousness into your business you can bring consciousness into your sales and marketing. Without them you don’t have a business. And that means that you won’t have the opportunity to serve more people, to share you talents and to make a difference-simply because you’ve bought into a false belief.

Conscious sales and marketing mean you are clear and honest in your marketing messages and your sales conversations. You never promise what you can’t deliver. But the clearer and more specific you are about all of the benefits and deliverables you provide with each product and service the better the results you’ll get. So being shy or hesitant doesn’t serve anyone well. And it means you charge what you’re worth. Your clients will truly value you more if they are paying a fair price for the results you help them achieve. In my experience the people who are more than willing to pay to get the help they need to reach their goals or solve a problem are always the ones who succeed. These are the people you want to work with.

Finally you need to be realistic about what people are willing to pay you for. For example, I’ve mentored many life coaches who were talented and well meaning. But when I asked them what specific results they could get their clients that would make them willing to pay for coaching, the response was often “they’ll be happier”, “they’ll be more peaceful”, “they’ll feel less pain”. These are wonderful goals but much too vague and broad. If someone wants more peace, what is the underlying reason they don’t have it? How can a life coach help them with that specific problem? When we dig deeper, become more realistic and start to identify a profitable niche with more specific, focused results and we change their approach accordingly, the result is a business that makes more money and serves more people. This is where strategy connects with your passion.

Building a conscious business is not about what you sell. It’s about what you promise and the results you get. It’s about how you treat people each and every day. It’s about reconnecting with your spirituality and letting it guide you to create a business where, even though your actions are strategic, they are always grounded in love.

Spiritual Business Marketing – 3 Major Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are a Spiritual Business Owner who wants to help, heal and reach more people with your talents, gifts, skills and unique capabilities then you really do need to be serious about learning how to marketing your self, a website or a product with integrity and authenticity.

This is how to start truly growing your spiritual business.

You will most definitely want to turn around these marketing mistakes and remember to not only avoid them, but only do what works for you with ease, grace and ‘divine flow’!

Spiritual Business Marketing Mistake Number 3:

Not having a niche or trying to serve everyone and anyone!

How do you avoid this marketing mistake and market yourself, a website or a product successfully?

Making your presence known online and offline, is all about having a ‘niche’ that your spiritual business is marketing speaking directly to and solving a problem for.

Sounds simple, because it is!

If you fail to choose a ‘good fit’ niche that you can not only find easily, but will happily pay you, you will never be able to really succeed at authentically marketing your spiritual business.

I say this because, there are so many Spiritual Business Owners out there. Think about it, how many Helping Professionals are in your area, or in the world already?

Now, I am not saying that you must see them as competition in the market place, in fact I am saying exactly the opposite.

These are the people, our fellow human beings, that we can learn from and grow with. Model what others are doing if you see how they are marketing you to can take a similar approach.

Trying to re-invent the wheel is insane, showing how you can add value to the market is common sense.

No, the most important thing you have to remember is to set yourself apart from others. You can do this by stating your definiteness of purpose in life.

As Napoleon Hills says, this is how you set your own price tag in life and business.

He says we need to have a definite purpose in business, marketing and life and make a plan.

This is the master key or first success principle that lays firm foundations to align your spiritual business marketing with how you want to make your difference in the world and still stay true to you!

So again, you need to find a niche, that aligns your inner purpose with your outer purpose in life and that will determine where you can excel.

If you do not do this, marketing your spiritual business becomes a drag and feels like a chore, when in fact all it is finding creative ways to actually get in front of the people who will say a firm yes or a firm no!

This could be using on or offline marketing strategies to market yourself, a website and or a product. That’s up to you and what you feel drawn to.

It might also depend on how you like to connect and build authentic relationships with people.

Spiritual Business Marketing Mistake Number 2.

Rushing the creation process!

How do you avoid this marketing mistake and market yourself, a website and or a product successfully?

Too many Spiritual Business Owners simply try to get overnight success when using the Law of Attraction. They usually want what they want, like yesterday!

This is not going to happen if they are coming from a space of lack. When you get yourself out their and market you want to avoid doing it from a low vibration.

Try to enjoy yourself!

If you are serious about allowing yourself to use the Law of Attraction to succeed in every aspect of life, marketing and spiritual business growth, rushing things will only make things worse.

I know I have used the LOA in reverse because I had serious money blocks!

It is helpful to take it slow and focus on long term success and believe that you have what ever it is your desire now. I’ve being doing this for the last five years!

Once you realize that patience really is a virtue, you will see that it, what ever it is you are trying to manifest using marketing as a strategy for success, will show up on your spiritual path in many unexpected ways.

Yes even the money!

You know deep down, it’s true. I’m sure this is not the first time you are hearing this, right?

It is already created in your vibrational reality and your journey to allowing everything including the money will only get better, if that’s what you say to yourself and act as if by capturing the feeling as if it is happening for now!

Try it!

Spiritual Business Marketing Mistake Number 1: No Originality (urghh!)

How do you avoid this marketing mistake and market yourself, a website or a product successfully?

Most of us attend training school to learn or craft and leave it at that!

However, the way in which we were taught to market our modalities has a lot to do with us not feeling like we can branch out and put our own unique stamp on what we do and how we build our spiritual business!

Let’s say 100 massage therapists attend the same training school as you, they got the same information on how to market their business as you did.

NOW they all went out there marketing their business and trying to get clients, repeating what they learnt on that course, and using jargon and technical language. that their potential clients do not relate to. It doesn’t feel spiritual because this has no originality!

  • How far do you think they will get in marketing?
  • How many of those 100 massage therapists are going to be in business 1 year on?
  • And 3 to 5 years on their spiritual path?

You’ve probably heard the statistics of how many small businesses that ‘fail’, right?

Try not to let that scare you!!!

Just know, YOUR main job is, regardless of your modality is to start in business, thrive in business and make a profit!

And this, starts with having your unique SOUL Purpose at the core of everything you do and say to clients, potential clients and referral partners.

Be specific!

Don’t be too afraid to market your spiritual business in a way that feels good to you.

If all 100 massage therapists believed they could market their spiritual business successfully, and earn what they were really worth, do you think they would have gone back to their day jobs?


The BIGGEST reason your must avoid these marketing mistakes is, because if you don’t you are doing yourself and the people you were MEANT to reach a disservice!

Okay, so how do those who have successfully built their spiritual business using authentic marketing strategies and made their way to the top, do it?

They stay true to themselves, know how to use authentic marketing strategies that feel congruent with their purpose in life, delegate, outsource, hire a coach or mentor, get supervision or get support from ‘like minded’ others, invest, test, tweak and measure. Most of all they become fearless in what they do!

It doesn’t scare them anymore, or it scares them a lot less to think that they would not being doing more of the work they love.

They have learnt to turn their vocation into a vacation!

They no longer have ‘Lone Ranger Syndrome’, wearing all the hats in life and spiritual business and going it alone.

It is so important that you don’t try to be someone or everything that you are not, adding to the marketing ‘noise’ by trying to people please, never saying no or working with anyone and everyone who will pay you or not pay you for your services.

You are NOT just another person in your field of expertise, YOU have a unique soul purpose that needs to shine through when you are marketing your spiritual business.

You will need to be original and have your own style to make marketing your Spiritual Business ‘effortless’.

There are so many ways your character can shine through. If you are not sure what your strengths and gifts are, just ask the 5 closest people to you.

Once you are able to do this, you tap into your Unique Soul purpose you begin building solid marketing foundations for your spiritual business, they’ll be no stopping you from succeeding.

If you are able to avoid these simple things, you will be able to really make your presence known in your field and be of service in the world giving what ever it is you are offering.

Most Spiritual Business Owners will admit that these are the simplest mistakes to create, and they made a few at the start of their journey, but if you avoid these from the very beginning, you will be able to really prosper in what I like to call purpose-serving.

Does Your Business Have a Soul?

When I first heard the term soul in conjunction with the word business, my heart leapt. I recognised that this was the connection of the two passions in my life, my personal spiritual beliefs and my interest in business. But it wasn’t always like this.

I used to believe that doing things properly would get you where you wanted to go; and in business this meant treating people well, having great systems, knowing where you wanted to take your business, paying people on time etc. But even when I did all these things, there was often still a sense of struggle.

What I did most certainly didn’t always work, and it was certainly hard work, and lots of hours. Worst of all was not finding a ‘method’ that always worked. I did use methods, and they often did work – but sometimes they didn’t, very frustrating! There was no sense of consistency.

Perhaps most challenging, though, was my belief that if I was honest and hard-working, so would others be, and I would be ‘rewarded’ with a successful business.

So what do I mean by the soul? It’s variously defined as the animating principle in humans; the seat of the feelings; the emotional part of human nature. But in the sense in which I use this word it describes the deep inner knowledge of life itself, the indescribable essence that is seen in all life.

And I go further, because I think this spark of life is the essence of all things, so that is why I talk about your business’s soul. I believe that every business has a principle behind it of energy that fuels it, can contribute to the decisions you make, and enables you to have a certain self-confidence that no matter what outer circumstances are like, you will be alright.

As you can imagine, this kind of feeling can be very useful in turbulent times such as the world is going through now! And that you may be going through too. It doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything, just that the actions happen in a different kind of way.

When I began to align my own soul with what I perceived as the soul of my business, I began to operate in another manner entirely. Firstly, I began to trust that whatever happened was all right. So if I missed a deadline, or an appointment, maybe that was OK. And usually it turned out to be that way. There was nothing I could do about it after all!

Secondly, I took the pressure off myself. Being self-employed there was no-one else putting the pressure on except me. I could choose my deadlines for the most part, and change them if circumstances meant that was necessary. And I was usually the only one affected if the deadline was not met.

Thirdly, I vowed to spend time at the beginning of each day in silent sitting, where I would turn within and ask for guidance, and focus on what I did want, not what I didn’t, often in the form of visualizations. I was seeking a sense of ‘the peace within’, wanting to start work out of that place.

The transformation of my business as a result of this has been steady and continues to grow. One great outcome was the ease with which I wrote the outline of my most recent teleclass, almost as if it had been written for me. The name itself popped into my mind just a few days later.

If you choose to believe that all intangible things, like your practice, business or project has a soul, then that is what can nurture you, as well as be the essence of what you offer to nurture others. You then access a golden jewel in the heart of your business, which becomes the source of strength, love and all sorts of other yummy qualities that then gets passed on to your clients and customers in a similarly intangible way.